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  • The most effective as well as most economical welding procedure for the welding hollow cylindrical parts


  • Welding head with linear motor
  • Integrated process control for quality assurance
  • PC-controlled
  • Welding time approx. 800 msec with dia. 30 mm


  • Minimum plate thickness ≈ 1 mm, maximum plate thickness ≈ 4 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness of pad in the welding section ≈ 1 mm
  • Welding of end caps on pipes
  • Gas tight to over 250 bar (M10)


  • Even and minimal heat input (low distortion)
  • Very short welding time (≤1 second) and consequently short cycle time in production
  • No welding commodities required
  • Minimum upsetting force
  • Small and even welding collar
  • Only one-sided accessibility to the work piece required
  • No reworking of work piece or welding element (thread)

Tehnički podatci:

Welding range Min. dia. 8 mm, max. dia. 32 mm or internal thread M4 to M18
Height of pad Min. 4 mm, max. 30 mm
Welding material Weldable, high and low alloys, mild steel
Welding rate Depending on dia. 12 pieces/min
(dia. 28 approx. 2 to 4 pieces/min)
Welding current 300 to 1,000 A stepless remote controllable
Welding time 5 to 2,000 msec stepless remote controllable
Primary power 400 V, 16 A
Gas connection Series
Air pressure connection 6 bar/inner hose dia. 6 mm
Power source Inverter
Controller CEL M440, 186 GHz
Programming modes Welding current, welding time, any motion profile, welding piston, shielding gas
Welding head Linearmotor driven
Field former unit Tempered
Pneumatic work stroke 120 mm
Height adjustment 250 mm