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Robo uređaj iCAT

iCAT – the robot mount for the latest generation of welding robots with central media feeding through the center axis offers a high level of safety & movement for both air and liquid cooled welding torches.

Mechanical crash deflection by up to 10° in the event of a collision between the torch and the workpiece. The iCAT takes over the “buffer function” to avoid damage to the welding torch, peripheral equipment and robot. The integrated safety protection provides additional safety for the iCAT, stopping the robot immediately in the event of a “crash”.

Advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Extremely torsion-resistant cable assembly – rotatable through 400° (+/- 200°)
  • Reliability & optimum line availability thanks to high resetting accuracy
  • Reproducibility & long service life thanks to sturdy and straightforward design
  • Great flexibility and optimum component access
  • Reduction of maintenance costs since assembly and handling are easy
  • The comprehensive protection against dust and welding spatter offers maximum reliability
  • Additional feature: Optional airblast function through the cable assembly

Area of application:

For all applications where a mechanical cut-out is required