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Robo uređaj iCAT mini

The robot mount iCAT mini represents optimum performance in air cooled applications, simple and fast installation, durability, low maintenance effort and a very good price-performance ratio.

iCAT mini – with integrated cable assembly guide for air cooled welding applications – was designed for use on hollow wrist robots up to 400 A at automotive suppliers and in general industries. The overall system comprises a welding torch, safety cutoff and cable assembly with a heavy-duty and torsion-resistant coaxial cable for a long service life.

The torch neck versions ABIROB® G350, G360 and G500, which are equipped with the new G-interface, are available to complement the compact iCAT mini system. Their outstanding features include stability and repeat accuracy – for excellent and reproducible welding results.

The torch neck types of the G-series are available in various TCP versions and can fall back on the tried-and-trusted wearing part concept of the ABIROB® A and GC series.

Arguments that speak for themselves:

  • Low purchasing price, fast and simple installation and long service life
  • Low weight of approx. 1200 g (incl. welding torch)
  • Reduced design size for access in tight and complex jigs or components
  • Extremely good reset precision – combined with large deflection for the optimum protection of robot and welding torch
  • Extensive range of welding torches with different performance classes
  • Can be used with all standard hollow wrist welding robots