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Tekućina protiv prskotina – ABIBLUE Anti-Spatter-Emulsion

Anti-spatter liquids professionally prevent weld spatter build-up during welding operations. This reduces repair costs and saves valuable maintenance time. Active protection for material and equipment!

ABIBLUE saves time and money by combating the build-up of weld spatter on workpieces in a particularly effective manner. It contains a blue colour indicator to instantly show welders if a workpiece is moistened with anti-spatter fluid – without affecting the welding process of course! The bonding component contained in ABIBLUE always ensures sufficient adhesion, even on smooth surfaces, and yet can still be easily removed with water. ABIBLUE is non-hazardous and readily biodegradable, making it particularly environmentally friendly.

ABIBLUE – the key benefits

  • Ready-to-use compound
  • Non-hazardous – no restrictions on transportation, storage or use
  • Colour indicator – optimal indication of moisture on workpieces
  • Suitable for welding and laser cutting tasks
  • Water washable
  • Ability to weld coated surfaces confirmed by an independent testing institute
  • Emulsion with long-term stability
  • Frost resistant
  • Readily biodegradable
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