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Jedinice za hlađenje CR 1000 / CR 1250

In high amperage applications with long welding cycles air-cooled torch systems can reach their limits. This can lead to malfunctions and unnecessary downtime.

The mobile cooling units CR 1000 and CR 1250 are the ideal complement system to equip a power source designed for air-cooled welding with a liquid-cooled welding torch. For a permanently “cool” welding process. The devices are characterized by their high cooling performance in a compact design and easy handling.

With a few steps the integrated flow switch* for the permanent monitoring of the complete cooling system can be connected to the machine-side connection of the welding torch. Therefore, operation without coolant is not possible and the welding torch as well as the cooling unit are optimally protected.

  • High cooling performance in a compact design is ideal for mobile use
  • International quick connectors for easy, time-saving installation
  • Integrated flow switch for the permanent monitoring of the complete cooling system for
    protection of the welding torch and the cooling unit – connection set included in delivery
  • Exposed tank with coolant level indicator for convenient filling and draining of the coolant
  • Overheat protection for pump and motor – for a long life
  • Low-weight and sturdy carrying handles for easy transport to the job location
  • Splash-proof fuse, main switch and louvers

*Operation is also possible without flow switch.

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Tip CR 1000 CR 1250
Izmjenjivač topline 2 red 3-red
Napajanje 115/230 VAC / 50/60 Hz 115/230 VAC / 50/60 Hz
Pumpa 50/60 Hz Brzina protoka Q max 7 l / min

Visina isporuke H max 35 m

Brzina protoka Q max 7 l / min

Visina isporuke H max 35 m

Pritisak pumpe 3.5 bar 3.5 bar
Kapacitet hlađenja 1000 W s H 2 O

750 W s BTC-15 *

1250 W s H 2 O

1050 W s BTC-15 *

Razina buke na
udaljenosti od 1 m
67 dB (A) 67 dB (A)
Težina 14,9 kg 16,7 kg
Dimenzije L / W / H 490/250/410 mm 690/250/340 mm
Kapacitet spremnika 6,0 litara 6,0 litara
Priključak vode NW 5 (brzi priključak) NW 5 (brzi priključak)
* Rashladna tekućina BTC ABICOR BINZEL štiti tekućinom hlađeni zavarivanje i lamele za rezanje, kao i rashladne uređaje zbog njihove vrlo male vodljivosti od <4 μS protiv elektrolitičke korozije i preranog trošenja.