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ABIMIG® SpinArc®

The externally controlled ABIMIG® SpinArc® machine torch combines traditional MIG/MAG welding with the advantages of a rotating configurable wire feed. In comparison with previous methods, the arc parameters rarely – if ever – change. This provides a wide range of new possibilities with regard to production efficiency, cost optimisation and process reliability.

The principle: Rotation and configuration

The ABIMIG® SpinArc® starts the wire electrode off in a circular motion. Through the adjustable rotation speed and the broadly distributed addition of filler material, very good edge bonding is achieved with joint welding, for example, which opens up new paths in the complete welding process.

The rotation diameter (from small to large), rotation speed and the direction of rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise) can be set for exact coordination with the respective requirement. This ensures even weld penetration.

The advantages in brief:

  • Weld preparation: clear reduction of weld preparation, smaller chip volume
  • Welding: more efficient and faster welding, less weld volume and additives, less heat input
  • Reworking: zero or reduced reworking through less thermal distortion

Tehnički podatci (EN 60 974-7):

Max. struja: 350 A na 100 % intermitencije – mješavina M21 (DIN EN ISO 14175)
Promjer žice – Ø: 0.8 – 1.6 mm
Max. debljina listova: cca. 35 mm
Duljina kabela: 3, 4 and 5 m (ili prema zahtjevu)

Parametri rotacije:

Promjer: 1.0 – 8.0 mm na kontaktu
Smer vrtnje: U smjeru kazaljke na satu i obrnuto
Brzina: 200 – 5,500 okr/min