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Clean Marker Brush V3

– Maximum cleaning performance with lowest possible ingredient concentration.
– Clear reduction of corrodibility on treated workpieces in comparison to similar processes available on the market.
– Physiological influences are eliminated during the process, or reduced to a minimum.
– Ecologically friendly, fast and colour matching cleaning and passivating of welding seams on stainless steel.
– For marking and cleaning, the brush and electrode attachments can be changed easily.

Suitable for brush and electrode attachments

What can be marked?

– Steel
– Stainless steel
– Hard metal
– Aluminium
– Brass
– Copper
– Zinc
– Chrome-plated and nickel-plated surfaces

Marking for …
brandings, certification marks, scales, serial numbers, qr-codes, graphics, specifications, texts …

– dark marking
– precise and long lasting marking
– easy to handle
– marking within seconds

Start working directly with the Clean Marker entire equipment within the handy suitcase

Tehnički podatci:

Model Brush-V1 Brush-V2 Brush-V3
Kapacitet 380 VA ili 500 VA 380 VA ili 500 VA 380 VA ili 500 VA
Radni napon 230V, 50/60 Hz 230V, 50/60 Hz 230V, 50/60 Hz
Klasa zaštite IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Dimenzije (DxŠxV u mm) 145x250x330 145x250x330 145x250x330
Masa 8 kg 8 kg 8,3 kg